Green and Smart Corrosion Protection for Future – from Fundamental Research to Innovation


报告题目:Green and Smart Corrosion Protection for Future –  from Fundamental Research to Innovation 

报告人:Prof. Jinshan Pan(KTH Royal Institute of Technology, Sweden)




Corrosion of metals leads to huge economic cost and even catastrophes in modern society. Protective films and coatings are often applied on metal surfaces to control corrosion in various applications. However, traditional corrosion protection methods often involve chemicals that are harmful to the environment and human health. In the search for new and effective environmental-friendly corrosion protection strategies, we have explored mussel adhesive protein (MAP) for formation of nanocomposite surface layers as protective films or as primer in combination with organic coatings. The film formation, chemical reaction between MAP and iron surface, protection efficiency and its changes with time, have been studied by chemical and electrochemical, both spectroscopic and microscopic techniques, combined with first principle calculations. Fundamental understanding of the film formation and protection mechanism has been achieved through the detailed analyses.Based on the knowledge from the fundamental study, new green and smart corrosion protection strategies have been developed in the form of nanocomposite films containing MAP, ceria nanoparticles, etc., and adopted for the corrosion protection of steel rebar in concrete, and as thin primer layer in combination with both solvent borne and waterborne organic coatings for carbon steel, showing promising results for industrial applications.