Electron Transport in Single-Molecule Circuits


报告题目: Electron Transport in Single-Molecule Circuits

报告人:Prof. Latha Venkataraman (Columbia University, USA)




Over the past ten years, there has been tremendous progress in the measurement, modeling and understanding of structure-function relationships in single molecule circuits. Experimental techniques for reliable and reproducible single molecule junction formation and characterization have led, in part, to this progress. In particular, the scanning tunneling microscope based break-junction technique has enabled rapid, sequential measurement of large numbers of nanoscale junctions allowing a statistical analysis to readily distinguish reproducible characteristics. In this talk, I will present methods to create single-molecule devices and discuss how their physical properties, such as their electronic, electrochemical, thermoelectric and optoelectronic properties can be assessed.


Latha Venkataraman received her Bachelor’s degree in Physics from Massachusetts Institute of Technology in 1993 and her PhD in Physics from Harvard University in 1999 working under the guidance of Prof. Charles Lieber. She worked as a research scientist at Vytran Corporation from 1999 to 2002. In 2003, she joined Columbia University as a research scientist. She started her independent career as an assistant professor in the Department of Applied Physics and Applied Mathematics at Columbia University in 2007. She is currently Professor of Applied Physics and Applied Mathematics and holds a joint appointment with the Department of Chemistry.