Renewable Chemicals and Fuels from Biomass


报告题目:Renewable Chemicals and Fuels from Biomass

报告人: Prof. Dion Vlachos,University of Delaware,USA    




In this talk, an overview of the catalysis center for energy innovation will be given. Modern catalytic-based technologies will be presented that may overcome challenges of traditional methods in converting biomass to renewable fuels and chemicals. Cross-cutting technologies, including hierarchical multiscale materials and models will be introduced. We will then discuss modern technologies that rely on biomass degradation to simple derivatives, such as sugars, followed by a number of reactions, such as Lewis and Brønsted acid catalyst driven isomerization and dehydration to convert sugars to valuable intermediate furans. Diels-Alders and dehydration chemistry will be outlined for the production of renewable aromatics, such as para-xylene. Hydrodeoxygenation of biomass will also be discussed as an effective means to remove oxygen and produce certain platform chemicals. We will discuss how enabling technologies such as multiscale modeling provide insights into novel catalyst selection to facilitate these complex transformations.