Scanning Probe Microscopy Based Spectroscopy Measurement for Nanoscale Chemical Identification


报告题目:Scanning Probe Microscopy Based Spectroscopy Measurement for Nanoscale Chemical Identification

报告人:苏全民 研究员,Bruker Nano, 112 Robin Hill Road, Santa Barbara, CA 93003




Scanning probe microscopy has been instrumental for physical property characterizations at the nanometer scale, primarily for mechanical, electromagnetic and thermal properties. Recent progresses were focused on chemical identification based on mid-IR spectroscopy, pushing FTIR mapping to a resolution at or beyond 10 nm. This presentation will review technology advances in both scanning near field optical microscopy and photothermal based IR spectroscopy. Each of the techniques is discussed and benchmarked by detection limit, spatial resolution and signal to noise ratio, which ultimately determines the chemical mapping efficiencies.  We will highlight techniques that address correlative imaging where physical and chemical properties at the same nanoscale location being acquired either concurrently or sequentially. As an example, PeakForce tapping based chemical and physical measurements will be explained in detail with the applications ranging from 2D materials to complex polymer complexes. The presentation will also highlight major challenges and key breakthrough needed for scanning probe based measurements to be broadly adopted as the premier tool for nanoscale chemical fingerprint mapping.


苏全民于1988年获中国科学院博士学位,其后分别在德国KFA研究中心,马里兰大学和雷神公司等从事材料力学性能和微纳米器件和测量技术的研究。苏全民于2000年加入Bruker( 原Veeco),并先后担任高级科学家,研究经理,研发总监和高级技术总监等职位,领导布鲁克AFM产品的研发。他也是46项美国授权专利的发明人,发表了70多篇论文,并多次组织国际会议和分会。苏全民目前作为国家特聘专家定居深圳,并兼职厦大讲座教授。