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Professor Shigang Sun was rewarded the Lifetime achievement award by IALB


The 11th InternationalConference on Advanced Lithium Batteries for Automobile Applications (ABAA11)was held in Huzhou, Zhejiang Province during 13th - 15thOctober, 2018. It was organized by International Automotive Lithium BatteryAssociation (IALB) and hosted by Huzhou Economic & TechnologicalDevelopment Zone Administrative Committee. Prof. Sun was rewarded the LifetimeAchievement Award by Dr. Khalil Amine from Argonne National Laboratory who isthe chairman of IALB, in recognition of Sun’s outstanding contributions toBasic & Applied Research on Electrocatalysis and Lithium ion battery andbeyond. Another one who was rewarded the Lifetime Achievement Award is Pro.Tetsuya Osaka of Waseda University, the famous Japanese electrochemist.

The IALB aims to bring together academia,battery companies and automotive industry to promote the research and marketdevelopment in advanced lithium batteries focused on Automobiles applications.Nearly 500 experts and scholars from government departments, industryassociations, universities and famous companies at home and abroad participatedin the conference. Prof. Shigang Sun gave plenary lecture entitled “ElectrodeStructure Effects and Interfacial Processes of Lithium Batteries” at theconference.