[Adv. Mater.] 我室侯旭教授发表论文:Dynamic Curvature Nanochannel‐Based Membrane with Anomalous Ionic Transport Behaviors and Reversible Rectification Switch


我室侯旭教授在Adv. Mater.上发表论文:Dynamic Curvature Nanochannel‐Based Membrane with Anomalous IonicTransport Behaviors and Reversible Rectification Switch



Biological nanochannels control the movements of different ionsthrough cell membranes depending on not only those channels' static inherentconfigurations, structures, inner surface's physicochemical properties but alsotheir dynamic shape changes, which are required in various essential functionsof life processes. Inspired by ion channels, many artificial nanochannel‐based membranes for nanofluidicsand biosensing applications have been developed to regulate ionic transportbehaviors by using the functional molecular modifications at the inner surfaceof nanochannel to achieve a stimuli‐responsive layer. Here, the concept of a dynamicnanochannel system is further developed, which is a new way to regulate iontransport in nanochannels by using the dynamic change in the curvature ofchannels to adjust ionic rectification in real time. The dynamic curvaturenanochannel‐based membrane displays the advanced features of the anomalouseffect of voltage, concentration, and ionic size for applying simultaneouscontrol over the curvature‐tunable asymmetric and reversible ionic rectificationswitching properties. This dynamic approach can be used to build smartnanochannel‐based systems, which have strong implications for flexiblenanofluidics, ionic rectifiers, and power generators.