[Small] 我室侯旭教授发表综述论文: Tunable Microscale Porous Systems with Dynamic Liquid Interfaces


我室侯旭教授在 Small 发表综述论文: Tunable Microscale Porous Systems with Dynamic Liquid Interfaces



Solid microscale porous material systems have attracted more attention in recent years due to their various potential applications, such as energy source transportations, biomedical devices, wastewater treatments, phase separations, etc. However, such systems are still plagued with many issues including fouling, mechanical fragility, inability to self-heal, and low recyclability that restrict them for further industrial applications. Dynamic liquid-based microscale porous material systems, especially porous surfaces and membranes, provide a new opportunity for resolving these issues and possess many benefits, such as antifouling, slippery, transparent, recovery, self-healing, and recycling properties. This Concept is mainly concerned with how to obtain tunable microscale porous systems with dynamic liquid interfaces, and their applications from the surfaces to membranes. The authors hope this concept will attract interest of scientists in areas related to the rapid development and application of various liquid-based porous systems.