[Nano Letters] 我室李剑锋教授发表论文:Plasmon-Induced Magnetic Resonance Enhanced Raman Spectroscopy


我室李剑锋教授在 Nano Letters 上发表论文:Plasmon-Induced Magnetic Resonance Enhanced Raman Spectroscopy



Plasmon-induced magnetic resonance has shown great potentials in optical metamaterials, chemical (bio)-sensing, and surface-enhanced spectroscopies. Here, we have theoretically and experimentally revealed (1) a correspondence of the strongest near-field response to the far-field scattering valley and (2) a significant improvement in Raman signals of probing molecules by the plasmon-induced magnetic resonance. These revelations are accomplished by designing a simple and practical metallic nanoparticle–film plasmonic system that generates magnetic resonances at visible-near-infrared frequencies. Our work may provide new insights for understanding the enhancement mechanism of various plasmon-enhanced spectroscopies and also helps further explore light-matter interactions at the nanoscale.