[Nano Today] 我室侯旭教授发表综述论文: Chemiresistive nanosensors with convex/concave structures.


我室侯旭教授在 Nano Today 上发表综述论文: Chemiresistive nanosensors with convex/concave structures.


摘要:Nanosensors have attracted tremendous, scientific and application, interests promoted by the advances in nanotechnology and emerging new nanomaterials. There has been rapid progress in developing chemiresistive nanosensors, and these sensor technologies are being transferred among a variety of different fields, from energy, environment to life science. This review resents nanomaterials with special convex/concave structures used for chemiresistive sensors, which mainly composed of one-dimensional conductive structures, e.g. nanowires, nanotubes, nanopores and nanochannels. Furthermore, designing, operation, and applications of current chemiresistive nanosensors are discussed to give an outlook of this field, especially for ionic solution and gas as the working chemical environments. The authors hope this review could inspire the active interest in the scientific field of sensor development and application.