[ACS Catal.] 我室汪骋教授发表论文:Metal–Organic Frameworks in Solid–Gas Phase Catalysis


我室汪骋教授在 ACS Catal. 上发表论文:Metal–Organic Frameworks in Solid–Gas Phase Catalysis



Heterogeneous catalysts based on metal–organic frameworks (MOFs) have attracted significant attention in the past two decades. The well-defined structure of these molecular materials enables the rational design of catalytic centers. While early efforts on MOF catalysis mainly focused on the synthesis of fine chemicals, MOFs have recently been explored for solid–gas phase catalysis to produce commodity chemicals. In this Perspective, we summarize several opportunities in using MOFs for solid–gas phase catalysis and discuss the limitations of MOF catalysts in solid–gas phase reactions. We illustrate the use of MOFs in fundamental mechanistic studies of the industrially relevant catalysts. We attempt to identify specific solid–gas phase reactions that can benefit from MOF catalysis and also point out several scenarios where MOF catalysis is unlikely to replace current technology. We hope that our in-depth discussion and critical assessment of MOF catalysis in the solid–gas phase will promote the development of new MOF-based heterogeneous catalysts for the synthesis of commodity chemicals.