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IMS – PCOSS Bilateral Symposium

Posted:2019-12-22  Visits:

  On December 21-24, 2019, led by Professor Maki Kawai (director) and Professor Makoto Fujita, a team of 10 principal investigators from Institute for Molecular Science of Japan (IMS) came to Xiamen and had IMS – PCOSS Bilateral Symposium in the lecture Hall of Lujiaxi Building. 19 professors from the two institutions delivered oral presentations.

  Following the first visit of Professors Bin Ren (Deputy Director) and Xiao-Yu Cao from PCOSS to IMS in Okazaki, Japan in April, 2019, this is the second bilateral activity aiming to promote the mutual understanding between principle investigators of both institutions. After the fruitful discussion during the symposium, the lab visit and directors meeting, both sides strongly agree that the researches and resources of IMS and PCOSS are complementary. Therefore, it is worthwhile for IMS and PCOSS to establish practical collaboration. Professor Kawai and Professor Wang signed a Bilateral Agreement on research cooperation, joint training of students,etc.