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Science: Electronic Buffer Effect of Fullerenes: Modified Copper-based Catalyst Breaks through the "Stuck Point" of Ethylene Glycol Synthesis at Ambient Pressure

Posted:2022-04-15  Visits:

Prof. Su-Yuan Xie and Prof. Youzhu Yuan from the lab, together with Prof. Yuan-Gen Yao and Prof. Guo-Cong Guo of Fujian Institute of Research on the Structure of Matter, Chinese Academy of Sciences, and engineers from Xiamen Funano New Materials Technology Co., Ltd., have made major breakthrough in ambient pressure synthesis of ethylene glycol from syngas, and moreover completed the scale-up trial of ethylene glycol production via dimethyl oxalate hydrogenation at near ambient pressure and below 200 °C. The results were published in Science (2022, 376, 288-292) with the title “Ambient-pressure synthesis of ethylene glycol catalyzed by C60-buffered Cu/SiO2”.

At the same time, Science invited Dr. Edmond gravell and Dr. Eric Doris from Université Paris-Saclay to write perspectives (Science, 2022, 376, 242 – 243) on the column of insights under the title of "fullerenes make copy catalysis better" , and introduced the research results.

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