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[Science Advances] Prof. Wenjing Hong published a paper entitled "Cross-plane transport in a single-molecule two-dimensional van der Waals heterojunction"

Posted:2020-06-29  Visits:

Title: Cross-plane transport in a single-molecule two-dimensional van der Waals heterojunction

Authors: Shiqiang Zhao, Qingqing Wu*, Jiuchan Pi*, Junyang Liu*, Jueting Zheng, Songjun Hou, Junying Wei, Ruihao Li1, Hatef Sadeghi, Yang Yang†, Jia Shi, Zhaobin Chen, Zongyuan Xiao, Colin Lambert† and Wenjing Hong†

Abstract: Two-dimensional van der Waals heterojunctions (2D-vdWHs) stacked from atomically thick 2D materials are predicted to be a diverse class of electronic materials with unique electronic properties. These properties can be further tuned by sandwiching monolayers of planar organic molecules between 2D materials to form molecular 2D-vdWHs (M-2D-vdWHs), in which electricity flows in a cross-plane way from one 2D layer to the other via a single molecular layer. Using a newly developed cross-plane break junction technique, combined with density functional theory calculations, we show that M-2D-vdWHs can be created and that cross-plane charge transport can be tuned by incorporating guest molecules. The M-2D-vdWHs exhibit distinct cross-plane charge transport signatures, which differ from those of molecules undergoing in-plane charge transport.