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[Science] Prof. Xu Hou published a paper entitled "Bioinspired nanofluidic iontronics"

Posted:2021-08-20  Visits:

Title: Bioinspired nanofluidic iontronics

Authors: Yaqi Hou, Xu Hou

Abstract: In digital computing, functions such as processing and memory require separate components wired together for electronic conduction. Neurons, the functional units equivalent to processor and memory areas, are integrated in the brain and transmit signals through ionic and neurotransmitter conduction. Inspired by the energy-efficient computation architectures from biological systems, on page 687 of this issue, Robin et al. (1) used theory and simulations to predict that two-dimensional (2D) nanofluidic channels can show nonlinear conduction and function as memory-effect transistors. By incorporating two nanofluidic memristors in an elementary circuit that refers to Hodgkin and Huxley's model (2), the neuromorphic responses of emitting voltage spikes were reproduced in simulations of experimental devices.