[Science Advances] 我室谭元植教授发表论文:Molecular defect-containing bilayer graphene exhibiting brightened luminescence

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我室谭元植教授在 Science Advances 上发表论文:Molecular defect-containing bilayer graphene exhibiting brightened luminescence



The electronic structure of bilayer graphene can be altered by creating defects in its carbon skeleton. However, the natural defects are generally heterogeneous. On the other hand, rational bottom-up synthesis offers the possibility of building well-defined molecular cutout of defect-containing bilayer graphene, which allows defect-induced modulation with atomic precision. Here, we report the construction of a molecular defect-containing bilayer graphene (MDBG) with an inner cavity by organic synthesis. Single-crystal x-ray diffraction, mass spectrometry, and nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopy unambiguously characterize the structure of MDBG. Compared with its same-sized, defect-free counterpart, the MDBG exhibits a notable blue shift of optical absorption and emission, as well as a 9.6-fold brightening of its photoluminescence, which demonstrates that a single defect can markedly alter the optical properties of bilayer graphene.