[JACS] 我室龙腊生教授发表论文:Room-Temperature Magnetoelectric Coupling in Electronic Ferroelectric Film based on [(n-C3H7)4N][FeIIIFeII(dto)3] (dto = C2O2S2)

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我室龙腊生教授在 JACS 上发表论文:Room-Temperature Magnetoelectric Coupling in Electronic Ferroelectric Film based on [(n-C3H7)4N][FeIIIFeII(dto)3] (dto = C2O2S2)

摘要:Great importance has been attached to magnetoelectric coupling in multiferroic thin films owing to their extremely practical use in a new generation of devices. Here, a film of [(n-C3H7)4N][FeIIIFeII(dto)3] (1; dto = C2O2S2) was fabricated using a simple stamping process. As was revealed by our experimental results, in-plane ferroelectricity over a wide temperature range from 50 to 300 K was induced by electron hopping between FeII and FeIII sites. This mechanism was further confirmed by the ferroelectric observation of the compound [(n-C3H7)4N][FeIIIZnII(dto)3] (2; dto = C2O2S2), in which FeII ions were replaced by nonmagnetic metal ZnII ions, resulting in no obvious ferroelectric polarization. However, both ferroelectricity and magnetism are related to the magnetic Fe ions, implying a strong magnetoelectric coupling in 1. Through piezoresponse force microscopy (PFM), the observation of magnetoelectric coupling was achieved by manipulating ferroelectric domains under an in-plane magnetic field. The present work not only provides new insight into the design of molecular-based electronic ferroelectric/magnetoelectric materials but also paves the way for practical applications in a new generation of electronic devices.