[Nano energy] 我室黄小青教授发表论文:Tunable one-dimensional inorganic perovskite nanomeshes library for water splitting

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我室黄小青教授在 Nano energy 上发表论文:Tunable one-dimensional inorganic perovskite nanomeshes library for water splitting

摘要:Perovskites are highly promising candidates in future energy conversion and storage due to their rich diversities and readily tunable electronic properties. However, the poor morphology controllability and limited surface areas have severely limited their applications. We present a generalizable synthesis strategy to fabricate a library of one-dimensional (1D) inorganic perovskite nanomeshes via pyrolysis of metal salt-polymer fibers. Within the evaluated perovskite nanomeshes, La0.5Ba0.5Co0.8Ni0.2O3 delivers the most remarkable performance for the oxygen evolution reaction (OER). Combined X-ray absorption spectroscopy experiments and density functional theory calculations reveal that introduction of additional metals endows more flexible electronic structures to realize the electron transfer in 1D perovskite nanomeshes. This work demonstrates a scalable and retrosynthetic route to easily synthesize the inorganic perovskite nanomaterials with tunable compositions.